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Located in the extreme South of Bahia, next to where Itanhém River meets the sea, Alcobaça has calm beaches and beautiful mangroves and cultivates its history loaded with legends and traditions. The beauty of the many unexplored beaches and the stunning mouth of the Itanhém river, with its rich mangrove, are ideal for ecotourism.

The Coqueiros Beach is a semi-urban beach located after the Alcobaça Lighthouse, towards Prado. This area, although full of allotment and tourist developments, is sparsely populated. This guarantees tranquil and bucolic landscapes. In summer, of course, this area is quite crowded, but the rest of the year reigns the most absolute tranquility. Both in summer and out of season, many tourists seek Coqueiros Beach to visit the establishments.

The Alcobaça beach (or Downtown Alcobaça beach) is the tourists most visited beach. In all its extension, it is a quiet beach, without strong waves. There are also no rocks or coral reefs. At low tide, it is possible to make beautiful walks. At high tide, the bath is only recommended for those who can swim, as there may have a strong current. The tents stands throughout this beach length, and offer typical food for the tourists.

Farol Beach

Farol Beach, in Alcobaça, is the beach that is in front of the city’s Lighthouse, near to the city exit, that can be seen from almost every beach in the city, because of its geography. Around this Lighthouse there are a number of bars and restaurants that usually fill up during the summer.

Thousands of tourists visit Alcobaça city annually. The summer tourism in Alcobaça is based on the region’s beautiful beaches and the proximity of the city with the National Marine Park of Abrolhos.