Cancellation Paradise Inn® Reservation and Cancellation Policy

The following ACCOMMODATION, RESERVATION AND CANCELLATION POLICY, shall be governed by the clauses and the conditions described herein:


The reservation of accommodation shall only be effected upon payment of the RESERVATION FEE (BANK DEPOSIT OR CHARGE ON THE CLIENT'S CREDIT CARD THROUGH THE DATA PROVIDED BY THE CLIENT), and upon effective documentary proof of said fee.

Sole paragraph: Upon making the reservation with an accommodation company that is a partner of Paradise Inn®, providing credit card information (Flag, Full Name, Credit Card Number, Card Validity, Security Code and Contracted Value),CLIENT authorizes PARADISE INN® to proceed with the charge of the amount corresponding to 100% of the accommodation contracted together with the credit card company.


Upon making the reservation directly with Paradise Inn® the reservation fee will be equivalent to 50% (fifty percent) of the total value of the reservation, which purpose is to remuneratePARADISE INN® for the guarantees of the vacancy and accommodation conditions agreed between the parties.

Paragraph One:The reservation fee does not constitute an advanced payment of the total value of the reservation. However, upon the arrival of the guest on PARADISE INN® to check-in, the amount paid for the reservation will be deducted from the total amount charged for the reservation previously agreed upon by the parties (confirmed by email).

Paragraph Two:“Envelope Delivery Receipts issued by ATM machines” are not considered as proof of payment for Paradise Inn.

Paragraph Three: The proof of payment will be granted by the submittal of a copy of a “proof of deposit”, by email or other means agreed upon by the parties, or by the verification of the clearance of checks or deposits made in ATM Machines in the bank account indicated by PARADISE INN® .

Paragraph Four: In case of “NO SHOW”, the amount paid for the reservation WILL NOT be paid back to the CLIENT, who will also be liable for the damages arising from the non-compliance with the RESERVATION (CONFIRMED BY E-MAIL).


The reservations are non-transferable.

The CLIENT who gives up the reservation may proceed to cancel the reservation that was already made, respecting the following conditions:

The cancellation request must be made by the client directly to PARADISE INN® or through the accommodation company chosen for such purpose, by means of a communication by email (;

In case of a reservation cancellation by the CLIENT after the period of seven (07) days of its completion, the amount paid by the CLIENT will not be fully paid back, under no circumstances. The amount not paid back will act as an indemnification to PARADISE INN, due to the impossibility thereof to celebrate other contracts while the reservation agreed upon with CLIENT is in effect, and due to the investments and other obligations incurred by PARADISE INN® against the expectation of the confirmation of the reservation (verified by email) by the CLIENT OR BY THE HOSTING COMPANY OF HIS CHOICE. The partial devolution of such reservation values is subject to the following terms:

I- Abdication and cancellation performed 31 or more days prior to the check-in: 100% (one hundred percent) refund of the amount paid for the reservation;

II - Abdication and cancellation performed from 16 to 30 days prior to the check-in: refund of 50% (fifty percent) of the amount paid for the reservation;

III - Abdication and cancellation performed within 15 days prior to the check-in: there will be no refund of the amount paid for the reservation;

IV - Abdication after the check-in or in the course of the days or package FOR ANY REASON SHALL NOT ENTITLE THE RIGHT TO ANY TYPE OF RESTITUTION, CASH REFUND OR CREDIT IN A SUBSEQUENT STAY, resulting in the full loss of the amount paid for the accommodation.


The parties must comply with the following obligations: It is the responsibility of PARADISE INN® to make the reservation of the accommodation as described in the reservation (confirmed by e-mail); It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to pay the amount of the Reservation fee within the stipulated term and prove it, so that the confirmation of the reservation occurs; it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to notify PARADISE INN® about any delays for the check-in.


Paragraph One: Upon being hosted or making a payment, or providing your banking details to an accommodation company PARTNER of PARADISE INN®, the CLIENT certifies that is in agreement the terms presented herein and its faithful fulfillment.

Paragraph Two: The Forum of the District of Alcobaça, Bahia (BA) is elected between the parties to settle any conflicts of interest.



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