We generate our own energy A Company concerned about the environment.


Photovoltaic energy:solar energy conversion

The process of converting solar energy uses photovoltaic cells (usually made of silicon or other semiconductor material). When sunlight hits a photovoltaic cell, the electrons in the semiconductor material are set in motion, thus generating electricity.

Photovoltaic energy is cleaner and more sustainable. The system installed in our Inn ceases to emit:

This is our commitment, which continues to be renewed: to continuously and relentlessly improve the Art of Welcoming and Well Serving to all preserving the environment.

The Pool Ozone Water Treatment System.

The pool has a different treatment that guarantees the quality of water without health damage. Ideal for all ages.


We have adults and children’s pool, which allows greater safety to them. The pool is coated with glass tablets and features the Ozone Water Treatment System. Fiber optic lighting with six colors, making it even more charming after sunset. Wet bar and dry bar, in addition to the São Tomé stones and Sucupira coated Deck.

Panoramic view, cozy surroundings that respect the environment



Paradise Inn’s breakfast is served with a lot of affection, fancy and the best ingredients.


The restaurant is well ventilated and prepared to better accommodate the guests who can have their breakfast in a calm and quiet way.

Steam room

Relax in 25 cubic meters of pure essence of eucalyptus or lime odorized steam.


An exclusive service for our guests, always thinking about your comfort and convenience.

Hammock Suite

The Paradise Inn is composed of 16 modern Suites, arranged in comfortable accommodation for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 people.


Planned area that the guest can relax and enjoy the delicious sun for sunbathing or, if you are a shy person, reading a good book.